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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia aspires to provide the highest standards of technical and vocational training to ensure that a highly skilled and ambitious workforce can fully meet the economic and social needs of the Kingdom. This will also provide citizens with sustainable employment and personal and family security.

Saudi Skills Standards is the delegated independent authority within the Kingdom to monitor and report upon the quality of technical and vocational training provided by all licensed training organizations. A key element of this is to establish an effective Institutional Review process to assess the quality of training received by trainees. This will ensure that colleges and training organizations provide high quality training that results in the successful achievement of qualifications and work skills and which then leads to progression into employment or higher levels education and training.


Institutional Reviews will involve a team of experienced technical and vocational training specialists visiting a college or other training organization to conduct a review of the quality of education and training that the trainees receive. They will report upon what the trainees achieve, the quality of their experience at the college or training organization and how well leaders and managers of the organization ensure that high standards are maintained and weaknesses are quickly improved.


All licensed training organizations whether colleges, institutes or private training providers will be reviewed under the Institutional Review Framework. This Framework states how a training orgnaizations will be reviewed and what will be reported upon. Following their review the training organizations will receive a detailed report on their particular organizational strengths and where further improvements are required

Full PDF version of the Institutional Review Framework is attached below.